Submissions Agreement

Easy Reading Version

This is not the agreement, but an easy reading summary. For the full “boring bit” skip to the Submission Agreement section.

TL;DR: You are letting us use stuff; everyone is cool with that.

In a bit more detail:

  • You understand we might say “no” and this is nothing personal.
  • Non-fiction works that you offer us should not have been published before but we accept “reprints” of pretty much anything else.
  • You also agree to share links (say, on Facebook or Twitter) to let people know about your work.
  • If you let us be first to publish a fiction or poem you agree to let us be the only ones for the next six months. After that, you will try to use a rel=canonical link when you republish.
  • You agree to let us use the things you are submitting for as long as the site is here.
  • You agree that you have the right to offer the things you are submitting and that you have not broken any laws doing so.
  • You have made sure that there is nothing nasty or harmful in your submission.

Submission Agreement

Submissions made through or for this site are covered by this agreement.

Material means any copyright work as set out in the copyright legislation and covers Material intended for publication as well background Materials which have been used directly or indirectly for Material intended for publication.

The charity refers to the Unincorporated Charitable Association known as Thanet Creative (and previously known as Thanet Creative Writers), its trustees, agents, partners, website editors and/or administrators, and publicists or subsidiaries thereof.

By submitting Material for publication, or by agreeing to prepare Material for publication or by using the Website you agree to be legally bound by this agreement which will take effect immediately. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms please do not access or contribute to the Website or offer your Material for publication. In the event of contradiction or lack of clarity, you agree to be bound by the spirit of the agreement. If you are not happy to allow us to use your work, please do not submit it.

The charity reserves the right to:

  • Refuse, reject, and terminate any material at any time for any reason and are under no obligation to provide a reason.
  • Maintain, take down, or modify material for any reason determined by the charity trustees or the site editors to be in the best interests of the site.
  • Amend this agreement at our discretion and without notice.
  • Publish clarifications at any time.
  • Profit from the display of material for the benefit of the charity.

Your commitment

You also agree to the following in conjunction with any other standards or requirements set out here on any other part of the site now or in the future:

  • By submitting material you assert that your material conforms to these requirements.
  • You agree to promote, share, and link to the material if published.
  • That all material contains no affiliate links and is not primarily promotional in nature.
  • That all material not marked as fictional has been checked to the best of your ability and is completely true and accurate.
  • You are not permitted to submit material which is racist, sexist, unlawful, threatening, abusive, unfairly discriminatory, indecent, pornographic, likely to encourage self-harm, likely to incite acts of harm to others, untrue, or defamatory.
  • You will not submit material that could be harmful to the charity, harmful to others, infringe the rights of others, or damage the privacy of others.
  • You irrevocably transfer and assign all appropriate rights (detailed below) to your material. You grant the charity licence to publish and distribute the material in electronic and digital form worldwide for the full period of the copyright, to exploit the subsidiary rights listed and defined below and to licence others to do any of these things on behalf of the charity.
  • You will receive a promotional author byline in each article linked to your profile in accordance with the theme design which may be changed without notice.
  • You will not receive compensation for material now or in the future unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Any request by you to use the material from the article must be made to the editorial team in writing.
  • You indemnify Thanet Creative from any potential damages or legal liability that may arise from your published material.

Disclosure of interests

You are prohibited from benefiting financially or materially from third party companies or individual people in exchange for writing articles about such companies’ or peoples’ products, services, apps or anything else they may ask you to write about or link to.

You are required to state clearly any personal connection to the subject or subjects of the material including but not limited to prior or existing relationships, employment, personal or financial interest, and/or party, club or association membership. We recommend that you make mention of this with the material itself.

Appropriate rights

You assert that you hold the copyright to all materials you submit or that they are Public Domain, or licensed to you for commercial use and are properly attributed in accordance with the license.

You assert that you have obtained, at your own expense, permissions (including but not limited to consent, release, and/or license) in relation to illustrations, photographs and other third party material used in the material. You confirm that the benefit of all permissions obtained by you will extend to the benefit of the charity for which rights are granted to the charity pursuant to these terms.

By submitting material you assign to the charity (in conjunction with those rights specified below) the minimum necessary rights to display the material as part of an internet website, to hold the material in a database or other information retrieval system, and to manipulate it as necessary for the purposes of running and promoting this site (including but not limited to displaying it here, on third party sites, or in print).


The charity requires, in perpetuity, all production rights including but not limited to Exclusive World English Digital Rights, First World English Print and Serial Rights, Exclusive Recording & Transmission Rights, Exclusive World Translation Rights, and Exclusive World English Anthology Rights.

You are entitled to place a short biographical imprint (commonly titled “about the author”) at the end of the material.

Fiction and Poetry

The charity requires, in perpetuity, Non-Exclusive Recording & Transmission Rights, Non-Exclusive World Translation Rights, Non-Exclusive World English Serial Rights, Non-Exclusive World English Anthology Rights, and either

  1. First World English Digital Rights (exclusive for six months).
  2. Second World English Digital Rights (exclusive for two months).

Additionally, you commit to acknowledging the charity and this site as having published the material previously. In the case of First World English Digital Rights after the six month exclusivity period when publishing, you undertake to provide a rel=canonical link back to the material on this site.

You are entitled to place a short biographical imprint (commonly titled “about the author”) at the end of the material.

Previously published material

You are required to indicate (with links where appropriate) where and by whom your material was previously published.

Images, Video, and Audio

The charity requires, non-exclusively but in perpetuity, World Digital Rights, World Serial Rights, Transmission Rights, and World Anthology Rights. Where appropriate we also require Non-Exclusive World Print Rights.

As a variation to the protection of your moral rights (listed below), you grant the charity permission to resize and/or reformat your material without materially changing it for display purposes. You acknowledge that this may be done automatically and you grant us the same rights to these derivative materials.

Material not otherwise covered

You grant the charity a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive license to print, store, display, publicise, circulate, transmit, and profit from the material in the spirit of the above grants of rights.

Moral rights

You acknowledge that in order to promote the material, it may be necessary for the charity to produce and distribute marketing material in print and/or electronic formats; this includes adaptations or abridgements of the material. You consent to the charity doing any of these acts. The charity agrees that it will not modify the material for any purpose other than promotion without prior written permission from you. you agree that permission will not be unreasonably withheld.

Editorial license

You grant the charity editorial license to add hyperlinks to textual material and make minor grammatical, spelling, and structural changes to the material in the interests of clarity, ease of reading, accuracy or other editorial interests. The charity agrees that it will not make substantial modifications that significantly alter the meaning or message of the material. You grant the charity the freedom to apply their best judgement in such matters.

Directory Submissions

Submissions to the directory are additionally covered by a separate Terms of Use.

Variation and supersedence

Updates to this agreement shall be considered to have superseded this agreement after seven days with the exception to the grant of rights. Additionally, no other agreement shall be deemed to have placed a variation on this agreement unless made in writing before submission and signed by both the chair and one other trustee.