Writers’ groups in Thanet

Thanet Creative run a number of writers’ groups in Thanet. We do not just support our own writing groups and events. This is because Thanet Creative is a charity founded on the principles of supporting and encouraging creativity, especially in writing.

This page will be periodically updated with everything we can find out about the different writing and creativity groups and events in Thanet. Entries are in no particular order.

Local Writer’s Groups and Events

adults socialising
Writing groups are a great way to meet creative people with interests similar to your own

Creative writing courses in Thanet

Kent Adult Education runs a range of quality creative writing courses. One of Kent Adult Education’s most popular Thanet courses is called “Creative Writing For All.”

The four learning outcomes for the course are:

  1. Develop a regular writing habit by completing weekly writing exercises.
  2. Contribute to class discussions and give and receive constructive comment.
  3. Create characters and use different points of view.
  4. Develop proofreading, editing and drafting skills

All Genre Feedback Evening

This Thanet based writer’s group meets in the London Tavern, Margate. It is open to writers of all skill levels. The aim of the group is to create a network of mutual support and peer feedback. Of all the writer’s groups in Thanet, this is the only one we know of that give guidance and support to help you become a better beta-reader.

The All Genre Feedback Evening currently meets every other Tuesday 1930 hrs (7:30 pm) in The London Tavern. Ask at the bar if you cannot immediately spot us as we may be in a quiet room.

Thanet Creative: Tea and Chat

Originally called Writer’s Tea and Chat, this weekly gathering has expanded to be inclusive of all creative endeavours.

Tea and Chat happens every week. Currently, this is on a Thursday at Matt’s home. Check our Facebook group for more details or click here.

Anyone is welcome to come along as we are a friendly bunch of assorted people from all sorts of walks of life.

cup and pens
Have a cuppa and share your love of creativity with friends.

Third Thursday Writers

Third Thursday Writers is a small group who enjoy writing of different kinds. They read their work to fellow writers and get sympathetic criticism and encouragement in return. There is some input to draw attention to techniques of writing and a subject is usually given for the next month’s work.

Writers Unleashed

Writers Unleashed describe themselves as a friendly and informal monthly gathering of writers. They meet in the Rose of England pub (Ramsgate).

More information can be found on the Writers Unleashed Facebook page.

Birchington Writers’ Circle aka Birchington Bards

Formed in 1991, we used to meet in the Sea View pub in Birchington. We welcome writers of all genres. We are a social group and we don’t set writing topics. Now, on the first and third Thursday of every month you’ll find us in the Northwood Club, Ramsgate, from 2pm-4pm. Buy a drink from the bar, if you want, and come join us.

About, Facebook page

Writer’s groups in Kent

We have started finding a lot of writer and poetry groups in the wider Kent area. Those have been moved to another page unsurprisingly called Writers’ groups in Kent.

Organisations for writers in Thanet

While there are plenty of informal groups, there are fewer organisations actively working for writers in Thanet. We thought we would try and list them all.

Thanet Creative

This one is obvious – Thanet Creative (that’s us) are a charity for creatives and writers in Thanet (in case none of that was clear from our name).

You can find out more about our charity work at ThanetCreative.org.

Arts in Ramsgate

AiR- Arts in Ramsgate is a not for profit organisation (CIC) working to develop an arts and community centre in Ramsgate. They keen to work with partners so that we can deliver the best service for Ramsgate and Thanet residents and visitors.

They keen to engage with everyone improving lives, leisure, education and much more. We can now be found in Harbour Street Ramsgate.

Writing Matters

Writing Matters is an organisation dedicated to running writing courses. All Writing Matters Session Leaders are graduates of, or are currently enrolled on, Creative Writing MA courses and are all professional writers.

Thanet Writers

Thanet Writers is a group that organises writing events. We don’t know much about them beyond third-hand hearsay. If their management board wish to get in touch, we will be happy to expand this description.


We could mention Kent Adult Education and the writing courses they offer but we want to make this list about organisations who are exclusively or primarily for writers. Are there any more organisations, groups, or events for writers in Thanet? Please let us know if we missed any.

Finding more writing groups in Thanet and Kent

We are always looking for more information about local writing groups.

Thanet Creative are always interested to hear about other writing groups and events for writers in Thanet. That is why we are so pleased to hear about Kent Fiction Writers.

Ways to help us discover more writer’s groups in Thanet

On Twitter

Tweet us @ThanetCreative with news about your writing group.

Tweet us or retweet this and add it as a comment. Whatever works for you.

On Tumblr

Reblog this post and tell us about a writing group in Thanet.

This is one way to help us find more of thanet’s writing groups.

Advertise on Kent index

Kent Index maintains a list of writing groups and poetry circles. This is a free classifieds service that anyone can add to. We check the Kent Index listing periodically.

Further reading about Thanet’s writers’ scene