Thanet Creative Facebook Groups

Thanet Creative Writers have been running Facebook groups since¬†early 2013. Thanet Creative: Writers Our writers’ group is used to talk about writing, ask questions, and seek beta readers for feedback on our writing. It is also where our events are … Continue reading Thanet Creative Facebook Groups

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Creative Writers’ Blog

What website for writers would not include a blog to allow writers to express themselves? Thanet Creative features a blog to which all members of the Thanet Creative Writers charity are entitled to be contributors and indeed, all writers from … Continue reading Creative Writers’ Blog


Thanet Creative: Charity

About the Charity The charity exists to support projects that promote creativity (especially all forms of creative writing) in and around Thanet. How much support we can offer depends on the generosity of our members, the time members volunteer, and any … Continue reading Thanet Creative: Charity

Thanet Creative: Writers’ Tea and Chat

Hosted by Matthew Brown at his home in Margate, Writers’ Tea and Chat is a weekly gathering of writers. It grew out of a creative solution to delays to another event and has since become a staple of our community. … Continue reading Thanet Creative: Writers’ Tea and Chat

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Thanet Creative: Poetry Circle

Based on feedback within the Thanet Creative: Writers’ Facebook group, we are looking at establishing a regular event just for poets of all skill levels. The Poetry Circle will be for absolute beginners¬†up to and including professional poets. The idea … Continue reading Thanet Creative: Poetry Circle

may the muse be with you

The Muse

The muse is a brand of images addressing the slippery nature of inspiration. It started as a spark of an idea when Matthew and Sam were exchanging messages on Facebook. This grew over the following days into a series of … Continue reading The Muse


Thanet Creative: Writers on Tumblr

Following on from the general idea that Thanet Creative should be available and open to people where they are, we opened a Tumblr account. We will share things that have been shared other places already as well as The Muse … Continue reading Thanet Creative: Writers on Tumblr

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Thanet Creative: Sunday Writers

This is the second writer’s group run by Thanet Creative but unlike the Tuesday Tea and Chat event, Sunday Writers is focused more strongly on training and learning. We will start with a short presentation before moving on to discussion … Continue reading Thanet Creative: Sunday Writers

Author Buzz UK

Author Buzz is a new website which Thanet Creative Writers is strongly supporting. The site aims to be both a networking and profile building platform for authors. A place for writers to interact with readers. A place for readers to … Continue reading Author Buzz UK

Mentors for Writers

Thanks to the changes Facebook has been making to groups, we have been able to roll out a Mentors for Writers program. This mentorship program pairs more experienced writers with anyone wishing to take part. Mentors for Writers FAQ What … Continue reading Mentors for Writers