Advice on writing better

I could give you advice on writing better (in general) but as I am still learning, here is what the experts are saying.

We recently asked what makes a good writer? Here are some tips (mostly from other people) on how you can be a better at writing.

Writing better sentences

writing betterHow to craft better sentences, Copy Blogger. Three great suggestions that can be summarised as:

  1. Consider your sentence in context.
  2. Edit, dits, and edit some more.
  3. Look stuff up to be certain you are using that word right.

My summary here has not done a great article justice. You should read it.

You might also want to check out:

I find Copy Blogger to be consistently helpful and you should probably subscribe.

Writing better essays

When it comes to essay writing Oxford Summer School should know what they are talking about. They have published a list of six practical tips for writing better essays. The first is that old standby that all writers should know – read good examples in your field.

How to Write Better Essays: 5 Practical Tips

Writing better female characters

One of the areas the areas that we looked at in depth was how to write compelling female characters. It is a big topic and we had a lot to say. If you write fiction, this is a post you need to see.

How to write interesting and compelling female characters

General tips for writing better

Life Hacker has a list of 10 tips for writing better. The tips focus on ways to stay organised, stay focused, and reduce avoidable mistakes. If I had to sum it up: Make notes about what you want to say, remember why you want to say it, and check that you have really said it well. There’s more to the list than that, obviously.

If you cannot trust the Oxford Dictionary people on writing better, you cannot trust anyone. Their top tips for better writing is worth the few minutes it will take to read.

Avoid these hack writing techniques and your writing will definitely improve.

What are your tips for better writing?

Let us know your tips on better writing. Do you have a life hack or technique that has improved your skill as a writer?

  • Do you have a life hack or technique that has improved your skill as a writer?
  • Are there tools you use that make you better at writing?
  • What helps you get better at writing?


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