Pitch us your ideas

Thanet Creative is run by our community. The same can be said of this blog. 

We accept submissions for one-off articles but invite you to join as a regular or irregular contributor. In the past, we have put out lists of suggested topics but this has not been hugely successful. So rather than restricting your imagination, this time the floor is totally open. Pitch us your wildest ideas.

When we say wild ideas, we mean your ideas. After all, those are the ideas that interest us.

  • Want to write a book review? Great. We’re looking for those.
  • Thinking about offering a short story? Perfect. We love stories. Poems too.
  • Want to rant about the state of publishing. Let’s hear it.  Editorials are something we like. Be as controversial as you feel you need to be.
  • Feel like you have something to teach about writing? Amazing – we love to learn.
  • Have an idea we’ve not even thought of before. Outstanding. Pitch it to us.

You should write for us.

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