Awesome Blogger Awards – February Week 1

February Week 1 starts tomorrow. Here are the Awesome blogger award topics for the week ahead.

Remember that to enter you need to ping (link to this), Trackback, or comment a link to this post.

Facts about February

Here are four topics that are apt for the entire month of February.

  • In the Catholic tradition, the whole of February is the Month of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • In the US and Canada February is Black History Month.
  • February also sits in the middle of the Season for Nonviolence (January 30 – April 4)

Those are some pretty meaty topics to get your writing gear around.

Week One Topics

The Birthstone for the month is the amethyst. Amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity. If you need something more factual to dig into here are a few day specific topics.

Remember to post on the right day if you talk about these.

1st and 2nd of February: #FebFollow

We are declaring these the days of celebrating others. These are days of linking out to and recommending the blogs of other bloggers that you read.

3rd of February

Did you know there is such thing as Ice Cream for Breakfast Day? It’s a thing because people decided to make it a thing.

Read more about Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

4th of February

Today is both the second Sunday before Ash Wednesday and (in Kosovo) Mother’s day. In America, they are (I am told) doing something called the Superbowl.

In Eastern Christianity, the fourth is also the Sunday of the Prodigal Son.

If all that does not get your creative juices going I don’t know what will.

5th of February: #NiceReview

If you have waited for this part of the week then you are into write nice reviews day. Also not yet a thing but we are hoping that you will join us in writing nice things about others.

6th of February: #SayNoToBullys

Again, not yet a thing. But join us in saying no to bullies. Join us in taking power away from bullies with authentic and truthful stories. Say yes to kindness.

7th of February

Trains and transport are the topics of the day. Why? Because we all travel and what better excuse do you need than to talk about where you live?

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