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This evening we will be holding another of our world famous* Writers’ Tea and Chat evenings so in preparation for that I thought we’d turn the blog spotlight on you wonderful lot.

Here is what you have been blogging about lately. (Sourced from a discussion we had in our Facebook group).

Writer’s Life: Author, Lee Russell’s blog

Lee Russell is out first spotlight subject. Lee Russell has been a fan of science fiction ever since a family friend gave him a book by Isaac Asimov. He lives in Thanet with his family and says that his writing tends towards Near Future, Hard SF, sometimes with Space Opera overtones.

His blog’s most recent headlines include:

You can say this about Lee, he likes his ellipsis.

Sarah Tait Poetry

Sarah Tait is a Poet, haiku writer, and BeachWalker from Thanet. She’s been published in a number of literary magazines and anthologies.Sarah is a co-host of Writers Unleashed – a monthly gathering sharing Thanet’s creative writing talent.

Her blog’s most recent headlines include:

I grow more and more convinced that short pithy titles are a poet thing.


Little is factually known about Artimis Blake other than he comes from Thanet. Artimis Blake was a participant in our writing contest last year.

His most recent (and only recent) headline was:

Night of the Hats

Subtitled “Lowering the quality of the internet since 2006” this is the blog of writer Neil W. Neil was a participant in our writing contest last year. Following the prompting of the contest, he may or may not have created the blog to join in.

His blog’s more recent headlines include:

Promote Thanet

Promote Thanet is written by a fellow named Don and aims to promote the area of Thanet. Quite self-explanatory really.

His blog’s most recent headlines include:

Random Thoughts: The ramblings of a confused man

Is a blog by Tea and Chat regular Danny. As the name of the suggests he covers topics of all sorts. I think it is probably better to let his headlines speak for themselves.

His blog’s most recent headlines include:

L. L.. Winder. Writer Without a Clue: The Ramblings of Pantser.

Another eclectic blogger that covers a wide variety of topics. L. L.. Winder has been a member of Thanet Creative since if formed back in 2013. She is often to be found at our Writers’ Tea and Chat events. It should also be mentioned that she makes a decent cup of tea.

She recently attempted to tackle the difficult topic of how you prove something did not happen. Talk about aiming high!

Another ellipsis fan by the looks of things.

Next time on spotlight on you…

This spotlight is probably going to become a semi-regular thing. The best way to make sure you are included next time is to pop your blog into our directory.

Be sure to give these fine bloggers a visit and maybe leave a nice comment on an interesting post.

[* World Famous, in this case, is defined as something that some number of people who probably live in the world (well, a world anyway) know about]


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