Awesome Blogger Awards – February Week 3

Tomorrow sees the beginning of Week 3 of the February Awesome Blogger awards. so far we’ve already seen some really interesting contributions to cooperative blogging in Thanet. Keep up the good work. If you have questions check out the FAQ.

Week Three Topics

15th of February

On this day in history in 1971, the decimalisation of British coinage was completed on “Decimal Day”.

This day is also Chinese New Year Eve.

16th of February

This day is Chinese New Year

17th of February

This year, this day marks the end of Random Acts of Kindness Week.

18th of February

In Eastern Christianity, this day is the Sunday of Forgiveness. Forgiveness spreads peace and love. Why not mark the day by doing the same?

19th of February

I’ve got to level with you. I could not find anything particularly relevant to put for this day. There were a lot of births, deaths, and historical events of course. My challenge to you, make the 19th February remarkable for Thanet’s writers for something good.

20th of February

World Day of Social Justice is this day. You could mark the day by addressing a social justice issue (such as poverty).

21st of February

On this day in 1952, the British government, under Winston Churchill, abolished identity cards in the UK to “set the people free”. To celebrate let’s look at freedom as a topic.

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