Snow vs Writer Events

In case it had not escaped your notice the roads are pretty icy due to snow. We at Thanet Creative value the safety and well being of our members and guests. We would rather you stay home rather than try to come to events if there is a risk of harm.

snowPlease do not attempt to travel to writing events unless you are 100% confident you can do so safely. Writing meetups are not so important that it is worth risking harm to get to them.

Have fun. Play in the snow, if you like. Or, if you are like me, stay inside with the heating on, a fluffy dressing gown, and a hot drink. The snow angel is from a post on Thanet Star – there are lots of great snow pictures over there.

Snow time is a great opportunity to get on with some writing. You have a ready-made reason not to go out – the snow. This is the one time of year when you get that excuse, so make the most of it.

Tea and chat will still be here when the snow melts. In fact, Tea and Chat (in a reduced capacity) will be here during the snow for those crazy few souls that want to make the trip (or live really close by). However, do not take the risk. I would rather you skipped a few weeks and came back safe and well than risked falling and hurting yourself.

Seriously, stay safe.

Maybe look in on any elderly neighbours you might have but please, stay safe out there.

Now, over to you – how are you finding all this snow? Is it fun and exciting or cold and miserable?

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