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Thanet Creative: Charity Trustees Update

Thanet Creative is pleased to announce a new charity secretary and trustees.

  • This post was scheduled for 28th April 2018 but failed to go out due to a technical error.

I maybe should have written this two weeks ago but I wanted to give our new trustees time to settle into the role. As some of you may know Laura, our secretary since we transitioned into a charity, has had to step away from the role due to other commitments. As the chair, I had been handling things for a little while but now I am pleased to say that Danny H has stepped in to take up the slack.

Thanet Creative’s new secretary

Danny had already agreed to write the occasional post for the Thanet creative blog. Which means that you should hear from him directly in due time. This is Danny’s first time in a role like this so we are easing him in gently. Once he has settled in it will be Danny’s responsibility to receive communications from people with something to say to the charity. As things move forward if you contact us the first person you hear from will be our Danny. Be kind to him, he’s a really nice bloke.

Other trustee changes

At the same time as welcoming Danny to the trustees, we were also joined by Andy W. Andy has – on and off – been involved with Thanet Creative from our inception back in 2013. He has been instrumental in finding several great venues which we have used in the past.

Business as usual

With this change in the roster and an increase in helpful bodies, business should continue pretty much as normal.

  • Writers’ Tea and Chat is still on a Thursday.
  • The writers’ socials are starting to happen more frequently now that the weather is improving.
  • We also have an exciting announcement in the pipeline but I’m not allowed to talk about that yet.


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