When and where do you write?

Where do you write and when do you write?

This is something that has always fascinated me about other writers. When and where they do the actual writing.

For me, writing is something I do at home when the room is quiet. As I live alone – unless you count my cat – that can be any time of the day or night. I have a dedicated desk that I use for all computer related activities and also for writing.

My ideal writing set up

My ideal writing space would be an attack style room with minimal distractions. There would be no internet access. Any research and reference material would be available from a server that would fire wall me from the rest of the home network. That server would also carry backups.

It would be a distraction-free white room, cut off from the rest of the house. In an ideal world there would be a secretary with the job of sitting there, take calls and stop people interrupting me. That sounds super boring so I can only imagine that this version of me has money to spare and pays very well.

Other than a desk, PC, and chair there would be nothing but a comfy chair with the view of a white wall. There would be nothing to think about in this space but the writing.

Of course, that assumes I suddenly win the lottery I do not play or become a best seller. Both are not likely to happen soon enough (or at all in the case of the lottery).

Where do you write and how far is it from your ideal?

Let’s throw this open to you. Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write?

  • What is your writing space like?
  • Does it help or hinder your writing?
  • What would you change to make your ideal writing space?

I promise to read every comment that you leave here. I’d love to know about where you write (and when).

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