Beware of fake Thanet Creative social media accounts

Each year there seems to be a silly season wherein a flurry of new pages, Twitter accounts and so forth, spring up claiming to be Thanet Creative.

These fake accounts tend to follow the same pattern – they are made with similar stock images, link to one or two posts by Thanet Writers (another group entirely) and then they are usually abandoned.

Each time I find a new one, I usually report it, and then move on. While I have no idea why anyone would invest so much effort in trying to “promote” another group with spammy accounts that gather at most a handful of followers is beyond me. It is however why I am generally suspicious of anything to do with the group benefiting from the weak identity theft spam accounts.

Anyway, the point is, if some random new account springs up on social media with our name on it but featuring this picture – it is a fake and you can safely ignore, block, or report it as you see fit.

Sans the writing I have added, this is the most common image used with the fake accounts.

As for the content that the spam accounts push… I’m sure you are smart enough to make up your own mind.

The Real Deal

In order to end this post on a more upbeat note, here is a list of official Thanet Creative social media accounts. There are many imitators but these are the real deal.

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