Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens on taking a break now and then

Charles Dickens – one of Thanet’s writers – advises that sometimes you take a break and do something fun.

You must remember that in all your literary aspiration, and whether thinking or writing, it is indispensably necessary to relieve that wear and tear of the mind by some other exertion that may be wholesomely set against it. Habitually, I have always had, besides great bodily exercise, some mental pursuit of a light kind with which to vary my labors as an Author. And I have found the result so salutary, that I strongly commend it to the fair friend in whom I am deeply interested.

Charles Dickens

This is a post or quote about one of Thanet’s writers. Thanet has a rich history of writers, poets, and creatives. This is our small tribute to writers of Thanet.

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