Enhance your creative new year plans

I hope that all our readers have had a creative and prosperous Christmas and new year.

New year is often a time for taking stock and reviewing the direction your life is going. For us creative types that review usually includes the resolution to “make more art”. Sometimes, we do too.

Very soon, we will be restarting our events for writers and creatives. For those people who live near enough – and have the right evening free – these events might be what you need to stimulate making more art.

For the rest of us, here are some crazy, interesting, and realistic ideas.

Four important new year’s resolutions for artists

Creative Live have pinpointed what they feel are the four most important changes an artist can and should make at the start of the year.

50 common new year resolutions and how to make them happen

Life Hack has put together a list of fifty common life-changing decisions people try to make along with ideas and tools that will help to make them happen.

Things like:

  • Lose weight
  • Procrastinate less
  • Meet new people
  • Watch less TV
  • Give up smoking

Here is the list.

Ten ideas for authors

For Author Buzz, I put together a list of ten suggestions that experts suggest authors do. From setting realistic goals to remaining focused on what matters.

9 Creative ideas from TED

TED (with the famouse videos) has put together a list of 9 creative ideas for new year resolutions which include.

  • Get rejected more
  • Take someone you disagree with to lunch
  • Celebrate your failures
  • Watch 10 movies by women
  • Make time to be bored

Each idea comes with a video that will change the way you think about one single topic. Maybe some of them will give you new ideas.

Here’s the list.

New year resolutions for creative people

The creative website ucreative.com has assembled a list of 15 creative new year resolutions for designers (and other creative people).

Ideas such as show off more, work with people that are better than me, and make more mistakes.

Here is the list.

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