Give your WiP some love this valentines day

While many will have plans for romance and all that today, what better time for the rest of us to show our WiP (work in progress) a little love?

For those creatives among us with loved ones who might expect some attention, today is unlikely to be a day for our art. For those of us unattached (or with very understanding partners) today could be the ideal day to work on htat word count.

Given the “theme” of the day, this could be the perfect opportunity to focus on character relationships, romantic sub-plots, and the like. Or, if you have already had your fill of romance today, say “screw it all” and bash out a scene full of explosions, car chases, and diamond heists. You will get no judgement from us. Your creative projects are entirely up to you.

How exactly do we explain to visiting aliens that humans give each other the reproductive organs of flora as a sign of affection?

If you happen to be an unattached writer with no one to wine and dine today, why not give your current creative project a little affection? You could even pour a glass of wine and edit by candlelight if you feel so inclined.

For those who would rather not be alone, there is always our weekly Tea and Chat. You are unlikely to find romance but you might find some of Thanet Creative’s community of slightly excentric yet charming and friendly members. Also tea.

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