Writing a letter from your main character

Today I’d like to challenge you to get to know your own character better – by writing a letter from them to you.

In your letter, have your character explain what they hope their outcome will be. Are they keen to get to the last chapter or dreading it? Do they fear a bad ending? Will they beg not to be killed of?

This might seem like a crazy idea. Perhaps it is. However, free from the confines of your narrative, you may find you discover something – your character’s voice.

Sometimes, having your character address you can help you get unstuck from writer’s block. Maybe it is because your character can explain why they do not want to move forward. Maybe it is because you learn about a fear you can use to torment them. Whatever the reason, this little exercise will help you unpack it.

Give it a go. Allow your character the space to express themselves. No one need ever see it but you.

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Have you ever tried writing a letter from your main character? What did you learn? Were you more motivated to get on with your story?

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