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Writer’s night is back

Thanet Creative’s famous Writer’s Night at the London Tavern is back. The first night of writing support will be this coming Tuesday at 7:30pm (1930 hrs).

Writer’s Night is a gathering for writers to bring fiction, essays, or poems for feedback from other writers. We will supply our special crafted feedback forms to help you capture direct and actionable beta reading feedback from your fellow writers.

How our Writer’s Night works

First, we ask you to tell us what you would like the group to focus on. Most people ask for character feedback, setting feedback, dialogue feedback, or a general overview of reader reactions. Our special forms can help with this and are available free of charge.

Second, hand out copies of your work to the group who will then read it. We generally encourage readers to write on their copy so please speak up if you do not want that to happen. If you are feeling brave, you could read your work out but this is completely optional.

We recommend no more than five sides of A4 in a 12 or larger readable font (nothing too fancy please). You should need no more than five copies – if there are a lot of people we will split into smaller groups.

When everyone has read, we spend a few minutes giving you some brief verbal feedback with reference to the thoughts each reader has written. You are free to act on the advice you receive (or smile, say “thank you”, and ignore it should you think it is wrong).

Then we move on to the next writer and it is your turn to be a reader. We continue like this until we have seen work from everyone who brought some.

If you need to leave early please let us know so we can read your work earlier in the session.

When and where?

We start at 7:30pm in The London Tavern Margate. Just look for the big pencil banner – we will be nearby.

The banner looks like this…

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