Thanet Creative Facebook Groups

Thanet Creative Writers have been running Facebook groups since early 2013.

Thanet Creative: Writers

Our writers’ group is used to talk about writing, ask questions, and seek beta readers for feedback on our writing. It is also where our events are promoted. At the start of September 2017, there were around 96 members with 2 to 3 new members joining us each week.

Our current Facebook writers’ group was started after the original one was hijacked but most of our members simply left with us to somewhere a touch safer. We have since learned to be far more cautious about appointing admins.

Anyone may join our group but due to recent spam attacks, we like to talk to new members first, just to see that you are a real person. Talking to new members also helps us understand what we can do to help you as a writer.

Visit our writers’ Facebook Group

Thanet Creative: Poets

This is a low volume group dedicated exclusively to sharing the love of poetry and writing poetry.

This group is where our dedicated poetry events are announced. We encourage others to share events open to the public that take place in or arround Thanet.

Visit our poets’ Facebook Group

Thanet Creative: Charity

This is a closed group for charity members and supporters.

Find out more about becoming a member

Visit our charity supporters’ Facebook Group


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