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The writing challenge and platform builder

Does stretching your writing skills while also building the community around your writing sound good? If so, this post is for you.

One of the things we have started to do at the Thanet Creative Writers’ Night is to challenge ourselves with various tests of our writing ability. The idea is to practice the various arts of writing in a fun way.

Our challenges (plus a few extra ones that we’ve cooked up) will be posted each Saturday on this blog. Then, about once a month or so, we will pick our favourite challenge solutions and celebrate them as “winners”.

To be considered for our monthly summary you need to do three things:

  1. Publish your writing challenge solution somewhere on the web – a blog is a great choice especially if this is your writing/author blog.
  2. Link to the challenge you are writing for somewhere on the page/post where your solution is.
  3. Ping the challenge post. Some blogging software will do that for you but you can always come and drop a manual ping – just look for the “Ping Me” box at under the comments.

We will allow the number of comments (counting unique commenters) to influence our final selection. We strongly encourage you to go and read and comment on other writers’ solutions to our challenges (especially if you liked them).

Our hope is that this series will help writers to grow their blog readership and community. Not to mention pushing ourselves to try new things with our writing.

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