Writing Challenge: Describe a character

This week’s writing challenge is to describe a character.

This challenge was first proposed at the Thanet Creative Writers’ Night.

Some of the techniques we experimented with include:

  • Using the environment to contrast with the character
  • Describing body language or actions to demonstrate character
  • Observational descriptions based on real people
  • Contrasting form and character
  • Focusing on selected details to imply further details

Be a winner: Every month or so, we will select some of our favourite writing challenge solutions. These will get a special mention in a blog post celebrating your writing. We will use the number of comments the solution has gained to guide our selections. To be considered: Please link to this post and then ping it or WebMention it – this will put a link to your solution on our post and enable others to find (and possibly comment on) your writing. Click here for more information.

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