shallow focus photography of yellow sunflower field under sunny sky

Writing Challenge: Describe yellow without using the word yellow

This week’s writing challenge is to describe something yellow, or yellow itself, but without using the word yellow.

This is an admittedly hard challenge. All attempts will be considered for our monthly-ish celebration of your writing.

Be a winner: Every month or so, we will select some of our favourite writing challenge solutions. These will get a special mention in a blog post celebrating your writing. We will use the number of comments the solution has gained to guide our selections. To be considered: Please link to this post and then ping it or WebMention it – this will put a link to your solution on our post and enable others to find (and possibly comment on) your writing. Click here for more information.

This challenge was first proposed at the Thanet Creative Writers’ Night.

A gallery of yellow things

Here is an assortment of yellow things. Perhaps one of these images might spark an idea for this challenge.

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